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What is the shipping time to my country?

When you have placed your order we ship it out in 0-2 days. After that these will be our shipping times:

USA – 2-4 working days – DHL/USPS

UK – 2-3 working days – Royal Mail

Canada – 4-10 working days – DHL Globalmail

Australia – 10-20 working days – Deutsche Post

Germany - 1-3 working days – Deutsche Post

Netherlands – 1-2 working days – PostNL

Canada - 7-10 working days - Deutsche Post

Australia - 14-21 working days - Deutsche Post

Switzerland - 4-7 working days - DHL Globalmail

Italy - 9-12 working days - Deutsche Post

Austria – 3-5 working days – PostNL

Belgium – 1-2 working days – Bpost

Sweden – 3-5 working days – PostNL

France – 2-5 working days – PostNL

Ireland – 2-4 working days – PostNL

Luxembourg – 3-5 working days – PostNL

Spain – 3-6 working days – PostNL

Slovenia – 3-6 working days – PostNL

Portugal – 3-5 working days – PostNL

Greece – 5-7 working days – PostNL

Slovakia – 3-6 working days – PostNL

Poland – 4-7 working days – PostNL

Latvia – 4-7 working days – PostNL

Cyprus – 5-7 working days – PostNL

Hungary – 3-5 working days – PostNL

Bulgaria – 6-7 working days - PostNL

 Singapore - 13-15 working days - DHL / Royal Mail


*Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

 Is your country not included in this list and still want to know the shipping time? Please email us at

Where can I track my package?

After your order is shipped out, you will get an email with your track and trace code!

If your game is shipped out with Deutsche Post, you might need to fill out your tracking number on your local post website after it arrives at your country for more detailed information.

For example: If you ordered a game to Australia, and it says your package arrived at the country of destination, you will have to enter your tracking number (LY…….DE) on the local tracking site of Australia to get more detailed information. The local tracking site of Australia is:

Can I return my order?

Of course, we do accept returns! 

If you have changed your mind, if you ordered the wrong game or if you have any other reason you want to return your package, you can do so. :)

We have a 14-day return policy from the date you’ve placed the order on, not the day you’ve received your package. Please keep that in mind!

We don’t accept the following return items:

Items that have been opened or played.

Sale items

To start your return process please contact us on or fill out our contact form.

Oops, I entered the wrong address..

Oh no! Please contact us as soon as possible to have your address changed before it ships out. Contact us at or fill out our contact form. 

Once we have shipped out your game, we can not change the address anymore. When entering a wrong address and the game gets delivered there, we are not responsible for any refunds. Only when the game is returned we can only refund the cost of the game, click here to see our refund policy.

If you would still like the game, you can just order again!

My package is delayed…

Oh no! We are very sorry to hear that. Please contact us on or fill out our contact form so we can help solve this issue. 

We will contact the carrier and ask for an update. However, carriers do respond usually in 7 days, while when a customer contacts them, they are obliged to respond the same time. Could you try contacting the carrier first as this is the quickest way, you’ll get an answer?

We are still 100% happy to help you solve this issue if you don’t want to do this, but from experience we know that most of the time the customer has a much quicker response than us unfortunately..

My order got returned by the carrier..

Oh no! We are very sorry to hear that. 

We do have to warn you that the carrier only returns packages if one of the following situations has happened:

You’ve entered a wrong / insufficient / non-existent address

You’ve entered delivery instructions on your address such as: floor 1

You weren’t at home to receive the package

You didn’t pick up a package from a pick-up point

In these situations, the packages will return to our warehouse. When we receive the package back into our warehouse, we will see this order as a return and process it like one. Click here to see our refund policy.

If you would still like the game, you can just order again!

Isn’t any of this the game, but did the order still get returned? Please contact us on or fill out our contact form so we can help solve this issue. 

It says that my order is a ‘dead letter’

Sometimes, if you provide an incorrect address, your building is empty, or the address doesn't exist, the delivery company may mark your package as a dead letter and throw away your package instead of returning it to us. Unfortunately, in such cases, we can't offer a refund. Because we wouldn't be able to sell the game to another customer anymore and it's not our fault the package didn't make it to you. If you still want the item, we can send you a free replacement, but you'll need to pay a reshipping fee.

Do I need to pay a customs/duty fee?

It is possible that when your package is being held at customs that a certain fee needs to be payed. However, this doesn't happen very often.

When it does happen, you will get a letter or an e-mail about this from them (not from us). It is important to always keep an eye on your mailbox and track and trace to prevent your package from getting returned or any further delay. We expect our customers to pay the taxes and duties themselves.

However we will always reimburse your shipping fee, so you won't have to pay twice!

We do require you to e-mail us this request, send us the customs letter requesting the fee and a proof of transfer.

If you have any questions about this or you want us to refund your shipping fee, please contact or fill out the contact form on our website!