This is how it works:

Get ready for a wild night with Go Hoe or Go Home, the ultimate drinking game for
the bold!

The rules are super simple: Every player takes turns grabbing a card and does whatever the card says! There's three types of cards:

Solo Challenges ("Do or Drink"):
When a card drops the bomb with "Do this or take a shot,” the one who pulled the
card must step up to the plate. But if they chicken out, you’ve guessed it… bottom's

Team Cheers ("Drink If"):
When a card gives out a "Drink if" command, it's a group affair. For example, "Drink
this much sips if you've ever ….” sends everyone who's guilty of that straight to the

Just do it (“No Drinks”):
There are some cards which don’t include the option to drink. For example: “Sit on
someone’s lap for one round”. These cards are completely up to the player who pulls
them. On whose lap do you want to sit?

If someone opts out, it's up to the group to dish out their penalty! It's all part of the
game, so choose wisely and keep the party vibe going strong.

Occasionally, certain cards in the game might require a bit more context. We've handpicked a few of the trickier ones.

Here you go, and happy gaming!

  • Truth or dare

    If you draw this card, you get to choose between truth or dare, so the group can come up with a question or challenge for you.

  • Fuck, marry, kill

    The group chooses 3 people you know, you have to choose which person you would want to fuck, marry and kill.

  • Never have I ever

    Name something you have never done. Everyone who has done that must drink.

  • Suck and blow

    Take a playing card and suck on it so it sticks to your mouth without touching the card with your hands. The next person has to take over the card only using their mouth as well. They also do this by sucking the card. The player that passes the card, now has to blow, so he can pass the card.

  • Spin the bottle

    Grab a bottle, place it in the middle of the group and give it a spin. You have to kiss the person the bottle points to when it stops spinning.

  • 3 minutes in heaven

    Choose someone to take with you to a private (dark) room, where you two will be alone for 3 minutes.

  • Vote on the...

    The whole group counts down 3, 2, 1.. and everyone has to vote at once (by pointing their finger) on the person who the card relates to. The person with the most votes has to drink 5 times.

  • Cupido chooses two drinking partners

    You have to choose two players. They will be drinking partners till the end of the game, which means that if one player has to drink, the other player also has to drink too.

  • Drink your bodycount

    Drink one sip for each person you have had sex with.

    Maximum = 30 sips/3 shots

  • Motorboat card

    Motorboating is shaking your head between breasts and making a motorboat sound.

  • Strip or shot

    Take off a piece of clothing or take a shot!

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